Welcome to Spectrummonitoring.com. We deliver services to professionals in the industry. Our clients typically work in organisations like monitoring stations, regulators, operators and wireless equipment manufacturers. Our services can be fully customised according to your requirements and can be delivered on site.

Mobile Frequencies Allocations
Already more than 150 countries covered!

We collect detailed spectrum allocation data of mobile operators. Every frequency band is displayed graphically and shows the exact amount of spectrum and the position an operator holds in each market.
All data is also available in a database, which can be purchased through a commercial licensing agreement. Kindly contact our team to request a quotation based on your specific needs.
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Spectrum Monitoring Training
SMTA Training Calendar 2021: [H1] Mon 17 May - Fri 21 May 2021, [H2] Mon 30 Aug - Fri 3 Sep 2021; Limited seats available, pre-register today!

Technology and regulation changes fast in our industry! Is your knowledge still up-to-date? We offer on-site tailor-made training services around the world. No matter if you need a 1 day refresher course or a 2 weeks learning program.
Next to customised training, we also provide a 5 days spectrum monitoring class near Amsterdam capital city in the Netherlands. Please visit our training page for schedule and availability. We look forward hearing from you!
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Monitoring Case Studies
We conduct regular monitoring campaigns to understand spectrum trends

IBOC Digital FM Broadcasting (USA)
CDMA450 and CDMA800 (Myanmar/Burma)
DVB-T clearance of Digital Dividend (Germany)
GSM LTE 1800 MHz spectrum refarming (Germany)
Eastern Europe 65,8 - 74,0 MHz OIRT band (Russia)
FM Broadcast high tower collapse after fire (the Netherlands)
UMTS T-Mobile/Orange licence merger (the Netherlands)
Applications for 2.4 GHz ISM band (the Netherlands)
Non-licensed FM Broadcasting (the Netherlands)
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Wireless Network Standards

Overview of the channelisation of wireless network standards for broadcasting, land mobile and public telephony networks. Standardisation bodies include IEEE, ETSI, and 3GPP. The radio channels might not always align with the national frequency plan, in which case the latter prevails. In different ITU regions different radio channels can be assigned. The emissions should follow the spectrum mask as defined by the operator's licence.
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Tools and Software
RAAP software for monitoring
Compliant with ITU-R SM.1809 and ECC(05)01
Receiver support: AOR 3000A, AOR 5000, JRD535, SDR RTL2832U, Great Scott HackRF (other models upon request)

FM RDS decoder
Compliant with EN50067
Records and plays sampler files
for Windows XP and Windows 7, 8, 10

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